MFG PowerPack 2021-05-21

Release Date: 1-JUN-2021
GP Versions: 12/14/16/18
MFG PowerPack Build: 7.176
* Vendor Pricing: (1) Addressed issue in the Select Cost window that resulted in the cost being displayed at $0 or at an incorrectly rounded amount. (2) Added controls to prevent user from having more than one “create PO” window open at a time, such as PO Entry and Request Resolution. This is required because the Vendor Pricing windows cannot manage pricing for two different PO creation processes at the same time. (3) Addressed issue that caused incorrect cost retrieval when creating a PO for a foreign currency Vendor but using the functional currency.
* PowerATP: Added a new field called Free Forward Date which shows the first date after which there are no shortages for the item.