MFG PowerPack Commodity Surcharge

Price $1500 Manual

Commodity Surcharge tracks the spot price of commodities, and adds surcharges during invoicing to cover the difference in the spot price between the date on which a price was quoted and the date of invoicing.

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Create an unlimited number of Commodity records, and track the spot price of each commodity.  A predefined Threshold determines the price variance which triggers the module to add a surcharge, so that minor variations in price do not result in adding a surcharge for an insignificant dollar amount.

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An Item in GP is assigned one or more commodity codes, and the amount of the commodity contained in the item.  A single item can contain an unlimited number of commodities, such as copper and gold in a wiring harness.

During transfer of a sales document to an invoice the Commodity Surcharge module examines each document for items containing commodities.  If the difference in spot price between the quote date and the invoice date for the commodities in the item result in a price difference which exceeds the predefined threshold, the Commodity Surcharge module will add a surcharge to the document.