MFG PowerPack Require Included Configuration Options

Price $500 Manual

Require Included Configuration Options (part of MFG PowerPack) prevents unmarking configuration options in Sales Configurator that have been set as “Included” options. Normally Configurator will “include” items marked as Included in the default configured BOM, however the user can easily unmark these items and remove them from the configuration.  By making these items “Required”, they are both included in the Configuration and cannot be removed from the Configuration.


Options Category Maintenance is used to specify the relationship between the various Cofiguration Otptions.  As shown above, the 40XIDE CDROM option “includes” the 2GPROC option.


When the Manufacturing Configurator is launched from Sales Transaction Entry, the 40XIDE CDROM option is selected.


Since 40XIDE “includes” the 2GPROC option, that Computer Processor is selected automatically.



Require Included Configuration Options prevents changing the Processor option.  As shown above, if you attempt to select 1GPROC, you receive a warning explaining why it cannot be selected, and the original Processor selection remains marked.