MFG PowerPack Release 2019-04-09

V12.1.145 / 14.1.92 / 16.1.58 / 18.1.19
* Item Copy: (1) the window now remembers the “Zero Standard Cost” setting rather than defaulting to enabled. “Zero Standard Cost” setting has been moved off the header section of the window and is in now under “Item Maintenance” (2) Performance improvements, (3) Under “Item Price List Maintenance” added a new option to zero the price list after copying it. (4) Routing Map now creates a default mapping for the primary routing using the Destination Item Number as the Routine Name if no mapping is provided, (5) The Routing Map now clears after copying an item
* MO Split: Added routine to check that default separator character gets set when the MO Split Setup window is never opened.