MFG PowerPack Release 2019-05-06

V12.2.146 / 14.2.93 / 16.2.59 / 18.2.20 2-MAY-2019
* Item Copy: (1) Routing Map now has options for how it creates the Routing Name. Under the “Routing” option, click the image next to the “Default Routing Name” setting to change the default between Destination Item Number and Source Routing Name (2) Under “Item Currency Maintenance” added a new option to zero List Price (3) The installer will now add a stored procedure to the database (wspItemCopyPost) that will run after all other copying tasks. The stored procedure can be edited to include any custom ‘post copying’ updates that are needed.

NOTE: The Minor Version number increments with this release, so the full installation routine needs to be run to create new SQL objects.

Zero List Price appears below the Item Currency Maintenance option:

The Routing Name Default setting appears under the Routing option:

Click on the image to the left of “Default Routing Name” to toggle between the options.

The new stored procedure (wspItemCopyPost)  has no executable code–it is an empty stored procedure that is called at the end of the Item Copy routine.  The stored procedure can be edited to add any additional updates you need to run.