MFG PowerPack Release 2020-07-28

V12/14/16/18 build 4.159
* Tweak Unlink MO from SOP: added support for unlinking Split MOs
* Tweak Purchase Request Resolution GoTo MRP Workbench: this tweak was assigned an incorrect internal ID which caused it to enable/disable in conjuction with BOM History Inquiry. PRR to MRP Workbench now has a new internal ID so you will have to re-enable it in the MFG PowerPack Setup window.

NOTE: with the 28-JUL-2020 release of MFG PowerPack we are changing our release numbering scheme to use a common build number for the product regardless of the GP Major Version. The current build for GP2013 to GP2018 is 4.159 (as in 12.4.159 or 18.4.159). The functionality in our software is the same across all supported GP versions, which is better indicated by using a common build number. So if you are on GP2013 or GP2018 using build 4.159 of MFG PowerPack you can expect the same functionality.