MFG PowerPack Time Card

Price $2000 Demo Manual

Time Card provides an easy to use time entry module for GP Manufacturing.  Many manufacturers would like to track information about actual labor and machine time so they can analyze performance against standards, however many do not do this because using the GP Manufacturing WIP Data Collection creates financial transactions which impact product costing.  WilloWare’s Time Card provides the data recording capability without the financial impact on manufacturing orders.

Time Card has an optional integration into GP Manufacturing’s data collection so that Time Card can be used to record WIP labor and machine time rather than the Manufacturing Data Collection window.


Time Card is very flexible, allowing you to record as much, or as little information as you need.  It has a start/stop timer so you can clock-in and clock-out of a sequence and have the elapsed time calculated automatically.  Or, you can simply enter a total number of Labor Hours.

Time Card was designed with barcode scanner use in mind.  It will automatically move to the next field after scanning data, and can be configured to execute some functions automatically making data entry even faster.  The tabbing sequence through the fields is configurable, so it only moves into the fields you need.  If the tab sequence is set to move to the “Start Button” and then “Stop Button”, Time Card will automatically run the Start Button and then save the transaction.  When the user scans again to clock-out, Time Card automatically matches to the “start transaction”, tabs directly to the “Stop Button”, automatically clicks the Stop Button, and then saves the transaction.  In other words, a user can scan a start and stop transaction by scanning only three pieces of information: MO Number, Routing Sequence, and Employee ID.