MFG PowerPack Tweaks

MFG PowerPack is a Suite of modules for enhancing GP Manufacturing and its connections to Field Service, Inventory, Purchase and Sales. Within MFG PowerPack is a collection of Manufacturing Tweaks, which are smaller enhancements.

Manufacturing Tweaks:
Price $1000

  • Auto-Create Routing Header: after entering the Item Number in the Routing Sequence Entry window, the system will auto-create a Primary Routing Header if one does not exist.
  • BOM Entry GoTo Standard Cost Changes: adds an option to the GoTo Menu on BOM Entry to access the Standard Cost Changes window.
  • Default Primary Routing: after entering the Item Number in the Routing Sequence Entry window the Primary Routing will display automatically.
  • Edit MO Status Allocation Override: Automatically override shortages (if system setup allows for this), when Releasing Manufacturing Orders.
  • Edit MO Status Options: When working with MO Planned Orders in the Edit MO Status window, this Tweak adds the ability to (1) Select which Scheduling Preference to use when Creating MOs, and (2) Override the default MO Description (which normally is set to the MRP-MO Number) with a user entered value.
  • Equipment Zooms: If Field Service is installed, Additional Menus are added to several Serial Number Inquiry windows to provide quick access to the Field Service Equipment Record.
  • Item Maintenance GoTo BOM: adds a GoTo menu option on Item Maintenance to open the Manufacturing Bill of Materials.
  • Indented BOM Report:  creates an exploded Bill of Materials report from the BOM Maintenance window, showing each subassembly indented below its parent.
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  • MO Receipt Outsourcing Warning: when creating an MO Receipt, it checks for Outsourcing Purchase Orders that have not been received, and warns the user if one exists.
  • MRP Query Default: Create an MRP Quantities Query to store values such as the MRP Quantity (i.e. ATP Total), a Site restriction and a Planner ID, and have that Query pull-up automatically when the MRP Quantities Query window opens.
  • PO Gen Integration: PO Generator suggests purchase orders based on quantities in the Item Quantities Master table.  However, there are modules, such as GP Manufacturing and Field Service, that create transactions which do not update the Item Quantities until after the transaction posts (for example, unallocated Manufacturing Picklists or unreceived Inter-Site Transfers).  PO Gen Integration can pull additional sources of inventory supply and demand into the PO Gen calculation to arrive at more accurate purchasing suggestions.
  • PO Gen Remove MO: PO Generator does not consider quantities being made on Manufacturing Orders when it creates PO suggestions.  This tweak provides an integration between PO Generator and Manufacturing so that the Quantities on MO are visible in PO Generator, and also can be automatically subtracted from suggested PO quantities.
  • Posting Journal Settings: adds setup options to control whether or not the posting journals print when posting an Manufacturing Component Transaction (Issue/Reverse Issue), a Manufacturing Order Receipt, or Manufacturing Order Close.
  • Purchase Request Resolution GoTo MRP Workbench: Adds an item to the GoTo button on Purchase Request Resolution that opens the MRP Workbench window.  The Item Number and Site ID selected in the Purchase Request window will be display in the MRP Workbench window.
  • Prevent MO Delete: ensure a contiguous sequence of MO Numbers by preventing users from deleting MOs.
  • Remember MO: remembers the last used MO Number on MO Entry so you can use the GoTo to access multiple windows without having to re-enter the MO Number.
  • SOP Transfer – Keep Date: normally when a sales document is transferred, GP resets the In-House Due Date and Customer Promise Date to be the same as the Requested Ship Date.  This Tweak ensures the dates retain their original values during document transfer.
  • SVC RMA Rolldown Site: adds an option, when changing the Site ID on the RMA Header, to roll-down the new Site to all of the lines on the RMA.
  • Unlink MO from SOP: The normal process required to unlink an MO from a Sales Line requires several steps and must be performed one MO at a time.  This tweaks adds an Additional Menu to Sales Transaction Entry that allows quickly unlinking one MO from a line, or all MOs from the document.
  • Use MO Number for IV Doc Number: causes Manufacturing to create Inventory Transactions using the MO Number for the IV Document Number.  For example, the first Receipt of MO1234 will create Inventory Adjustment MO1234*1.
  • Use SOP Number for MO Number: causes Manufacturing to create Manufacturing Orders from Sales Transaction Entry using the SOP Number for the MO Number.  For example, the first line item on ORDST2237 would result in MO Number ORDST2237#0001.