Multi Bin & MO Receipts

Summary of Requirement

ACME Co. makes nutritional supplements and drinks. There are two areas of need.

Multi-Bin Enhancements

GP is being implemented with multi-bins where each bin represents a different physical location. Bins are being used in this manner so that MRP will plan for all sites. The first requirement is to add additional functionality to multi-bins to better support using bins for each location.

The changes include:

  • Address information for a Bin
  • Ability to assign a Bin to a PO Line and have that bin used as the PO Receipt location.

MO Receipt Enhancements

The Manufacturing Process uses two types of components:

  • Process Components (FOOD Components). All Process Component Item Numbers begin with 141.
  • Packaging Components.

When producing 100 cases of a drink product, the manufacturing process may yield only 98 cases of finished packaged product. However the raw material consumed will be 100% of the Process Components and 98% of the Packaging Components. Due to shrinkage/loss of the Process components they are consumed completely while producing fewer of the final packaged product, so less of the packaging is used.

The MO Receipt function in GP needs to be modified so that upon “FINAL” receipt of the MO, the Process Components are consumed based on the MO Start Quantity and the Packaging Components are consumed based on the sum of the MO Receipts including the FINAL Receipt Qty.

The ability to manually edit the picklist after the quantities have been calculated at FINAL Receipt needs to be maintained. So, at the FINAL receipt the system should calculate the correct amount of packaging to be used and update the picklist, but the user should still have the ability to override those calculated numbers before posting the MO Receipt.

Design Specification

View design specification DS0312