SOP & POP Date Rolldown and Purchase Receipts Inquiry

Summary of Requirement

Changing the Requested Ship Date (RSD) in Sales Transaction Entry, and Current Promise Date (CPD) in Purchase Order Entry, can be tedious if the documents have multiple lines. There is no ability to view the RSD/CPD for all lines at the same time, and the available ability to roll-down a new date automatically applies to ALL lines without ability to only rolldown to some lines.

ACMECO needs the ability to view and edit the RSD/CPD for all lines at the same time, to set a new date and selectively roll-down to some or all of the lines.

A second requirement is to be able to perform a purchase receipts history inquiry directly from the PO Line. They need to frequently look up the order history of a part for cost estimation, and it is time consuming to have to manually enter the parameters into the Purchase Order Processing Item Inquiry and/or Inventory Purchase Receipts Inquiry windows.

Design Specification

View design specification DS0290