Sales Order Line Fulfillment Upon MO Receipt

Summary of Requirement

ACME currently has an enhancement that generates Manufacturing Orders for Sales Lines created through SalesPad and creates the MO to Sales Order link. When the Manufacturing Order is received, standard Dynamics GP allocates the newly available inventory to its linked Sales Order Line. Although the inventory is allocated, the user must still manually perform the fulfillment step. ACME would like all Sales Order Lines to be allocated and fulfilled when a Manufacturing Order Receipt provides available inventory for its linked Sale Order Line.

ACME’s original MO Generation enhancement creates a Manufacturing Order for the entire Sales Order Line quantity even if the full Sales Order Line quantity has not been backordered i.e. there was some available inventory in stock or they have overridden the shortage. The new enhancement will not only fulfill the backordered quantity of the Sales Order Line, but also fulfill any previously allocated quantity, as long as a large enough quantity is received during the MO Receipt process.

Design Specification

View design specification CR0663