Update COGS, Revenue, and Markdown Account when Posting Sales Documents

Summary of Requirement

ACME Co. utilizes Dynamics GP as their ERP system. They currently have many legal entities maintained in the same database. In addition to the core GP Modules, they also utilize the Manufacturing Module. Sales Invoice and Sales Returns Documents may contain both manufactured and non-manufactured items.

ACME’s GL Accounts are comprised of four segments. The last segment is for the Cost Center and is three digits. When posting Sales Invoice and Sales Return Documents, they need the following Inventory Accounts to reflect a specific Cost Center based on the Sales Document ID.


• Sales

• Markdown

• Sales Returns

In addition, since ACME utilizes the Manufacturing Module and a FIFO Periodic Valuation Method, when selling a Manufactured Item the Manufacturing Module replaces the single GP Inventory Module COGS account noted above with up to nine manufacturing COGS accounts. The accounts are only added when the manufacturing processes add value to those accounts. For example, if there is no Labor Variable Overhead amount in the routing (Labor Codes), there will not be a distribution to that account. When posting Sales Invoice and Sales Return Documents which contain Manufactured Items, the Manufacturing COGS Account should also reflect the specific Cost Center based on the Sales Document ID:

COGS Distribution Accounts: (1) COGS – Material (2) COGS – Labor (3) COGS – Machine (4) COGS – Material OH (5) COGS – Labor OH  (6) COGS – Machine OH (7) COGS – Material Variable OH (8) COGS – Labor Variable OH (9) COGS – Machine Variable OH

Since these accounts are added automatically by manufacturing during the posting process, there is no opportunity to change them manually.

The Sales Invoice Document Type and the Sales Return Document Type will determine the Cost Center to utilize when posting. They require a way to assign a Cost Center per Document Type/Document ID.

Design Specification

View design specification DS0660