Customization CR1085 Sales Email & Print

Customization CR1085

Sales Email & Print

Description of Need:

ACME always emails an Order from Sales Transaction Entry, but sometimes they also need to print a copy for internal use. Since GP clears the window after emailing (or printing), doing both requires re-loading the document. ACME would like a way to more easily email & print an Order.

Description of Solution:

When a user clicks the Email button on Sales Transaction Entry, and they are viewing an Order, they will be prompted:

Do you want to also PRINT this document?

If they answer YES, the system will automatically open and populate the Print Sales Documents window.

The window will be set up to print the same Order that was just emailed. GP becomes “frozen” while the email is sending, but as soon as GP becomes available again, the user can client the PRINT button on Print Sales Documents to send the Order to a printer.

If they do not want to print, the Print Sales Documents window can just be closed.

Users must have security access to the Print Sales Documents window. If they do not, they will still be asked if they want to print, but then they will receive a warning that they do not have access to the window.

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