Customization CR1181 Default Price to Lower Quantity Price Break

Customization CR1181

Default Price to Lower Quantity Price Break

Description of Need:

When a Purchase Order line is entered and the quantity is not set up as a price break, ACME would like to remove the warning message “No Vendor Pricing exists. Add it to the list or select an existing price break.” In its place, the cost of the of the break lower than the quantity to be used.

Description of Solution:

Solution as described above. For example, if the vendor is setup with the following price breaks:

And the user enters 15, the line unit cost would default to $1,000.

Note: If the user enters 5, then there will be no cost to use, so in this case, the warning message box WILL appear.


  1. The functionality described above will not work with eConnect, any software that uses eConnect, or any software that directly writes to, updates, or deletes from SQL tables.
  2. The functionality described above is intended for the GP Desktop client.
  3. Unless otherwise noted in this document, the enhancement will not integrate with 3rd party products. Some examples of 3rd party products would be:
  • An ISV plug-in product, including WilloWare products
  • A dexterity customization designed by another developer
  • Dynamics GP Modules, including, but not limited to:

-Copy functionality found in SOP, POP, and Inventory

-Field Service

-Extended Pricing


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