Newsletter October 2016


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leaf_iconProduct Highlights

We have had a busy summer, and there is so much news to report that I’m just going to give you the headlines below, with a link to more information.


leaf_iconProduct Updates

Listed below are the updates, fixes, and/or changes to each product since the last newsletter (June-2016).

Blanket PO

  • Fixed issue with calculation of Control Quantity when using Control Qty By Line setting that caused the Quantity Remaining to be shown as negative.
  • Changed method of enabling/disabling BPO functionality to address issue where a high-volume user periodically prints a blank Blanket PO.
  • Fixed issue where a regular PO would print blank after having printed a Blanket PO screen and then emailed the Blanket PO.
  • Blanket PO Printing: to ensure the highest release numbers appear at the top of the list, the Select Release window now sorts releases numerically rather than alphabetically.

BOM Import

  • Fixed issue that caused the Alternate Item field to be overwritten with the Alt Item BOM Sequence field.

Consulting Toolkit

  • Virtual Triggers: added support for database triggers.

Engineer to Order

  • The Accept Estimate routine was not copying the Lead Time Offset and Offset From settings to the new BOM in Manufacturing.
  • Now when it creates a new Finished Good Item, the Manufacturing Standard Cost Changes window will open automatically so the user can perform a cost roll-up.


  • No changes

GP PowerPack

  • SOP Rules: added check that user has access to the database before attempting to read setup.
  • Shortage Inquiry: fixed field name capitalization in AddSOPShortage routine for case sensitive databases.
  • Login Monitor: fixed SQL syntax that could cause error message when it forced client to close.
  • SOP Tweak: Auto-Open Customer Detail Entry- added support for the Sales Invoice Entry window.
  • Alerts: Alert Builder- fixed error caused by form names with spaces in the Technical Name.
  • U of M Schedule Change: added IV Trx Amounts History table (IV30300).  This table is used by Item Stock Inquiry and displayed zeros if these history records were not updated.
  • NEW: Banking Enhancements

Item Process Tracking

  • No changes


  • Setup routine now creates a LabelLink SQL user with read-only permissions to the LabelLink reporting views.
  • Added support for printing labels from Assembly Transactions, and Sales Transaction Inquiry Zoom (open and historical documents)
  • Added application path mapping support so that LabelLink can now be used with any common labeling software
  • Discontinued 1-Click printing support


  • BOM Maintenance & Inquiry: added support for an Excel-based exploded, indented BOM report
  • MO Entry: added check to prevent Record Locked error
  • Serial/Lot Entry: added check that MO Entry is still open before attempting to return selections
  • BOM Maintenance: Copy BOM- fixed Insert Null error on column Phantom
  • Setup: added check that system setup has been completed before allowing user to create MO Document Types
  • BOM Maintenance: fixed issue that could crash GP when displaying very deep BOMs.

MFG Data Archive

  • No changes

MFG PowerPack

  • Scrap Reporting: fixed issue with the costing calculation when scrapping the top-level assembly which caused it to exclude labor & machine costs from the components.
  • Lead Time Inquiry: complete redesign of LTI.  It now performs a “mini-MRP” on every part in the exploded BOM to arrive at an LT calculation based on available inventory.
  • Power ATP: fixed issue that cuased MOs to not display if they had been completely received by the receive was reversed.
  • NEW- Exploded, Indented BOM Report: sends the entire exploded, indented BOM to an Excel report.
  • Item Copy: added support for Extended Pricing tables and MRP Exclusions
  • Capable To Promise: fixed record locking error caused by zooming to CTP from Lead Time Inquiry before saving changes in CTP.
  • SVC Equipment Suite: fixed issue that could cause ‘cannot insert null’ error on date fields when creating equipment record in non-USA databases.
  • Power ATP: fixed table reference error caused by closing the window while the ATP calc is running.


  • NEW: added wspMOGenChildAltRouting as a dummy stored proc that can be edited at the client site to provide a Routing other than the Primary Routing.  It is called when creating Child MO’s linked to a Parent MO.
  • MOGen now reports the quantity when an ‘invalid quantity’ error is reported
  • wspMOGenInvenCheck: now includes MO Number as an input parameter
  • MO Receipt Integration: added support for processing receipts in batches of a user-specified quantity.  This can significantly increase processing speed for MO Receipts.
  • MO Receipt Integration: replaced call to an MFG script with our own code because the MFG code did not check if the Working Routing exists before attempting to delete it, which caused errors when MORI creates split MOs.
  • Added routine to clear pre-entered serial/lot table before adding new records
  • NEW – MO Receipt Integration: added support for posting a receipt for an MO that has any of the following: Outsourced POs, WIP Data Collection, or Component Transaction “Allocations”.

Preactor Integration

  • Export Utility: added option to include (or not) inventory stock records where zero quantity is available, and PO Quantity records now pull Required Date rather than Due Date.


  • NEW: SpellCheck now supports the Web Client.  It now uses Microsoft Cognitive Services to provide spell checking, and has removed the dependency on having the Office Proofing Tools installed.