MFG PowerPack 2022-09-16

Release Date: 16-SEP-2022
GP Versions: 12/14/16/18
MFG PowerPack Build: 11.202
* Actual Cost Rollup: changes to the stored procedures to correct a case sensitivity issue for binary sort databases (#202201726). If you are binary sort and received an install error, dr0p table WCT00003 then rerun the full install routine to automatically recreate the table and stored procedures. This issue affects binary sort SQL installs only.
* MO Split: addressed issue that could cause a duplicate key error on MOP10223 when doing MO Receipts with Split MOs (#202201737)
* Vendor Pricing: addressed issue in the PO Item Detail Entry window where it was not picking up changes to the Release By Date so it continued to use the Document Date for pricing. This build adds a feature to the Release By Date field so that when you enter it date it will automatically update the Required Date (if needed) so it is the same as the Release By Date. This prevents a warning from GP that the Required Date cannot be before the Release By Date, and it means you can enter only the Release By Date if desired.
* NEW Tweak: MO-SO Receipt Warning- this Tweak is intended to fix a big with the Manufacturing Order Receipt Entry window. If an MO is linked to an SO, and the SO is in use (i.e. open in Sales Transaction Entry), the MO Receipt window will allow creating and posting a receipt. This results in the finished good inventory being added to inventory and allocated (because manufacturing thinks it will be allocating the inventory to the SO). However, the SO is locked so it cannot be updated. The SO then cannot be manually fulfilled because it is linked to the MO, and the inventory module incorrectly shows the inventory as allocated so it cannot be used. The only way to fix the situation is to (1) break the MO-SO link and (2) run inventory reconcile. This Tweak will warning users that the MO is in use and prevent creating the MO Receipt.