MFG PowerPack Modules

The complete listing of MFG PowerPack Modules is below.  While most of the Modules require that the GP Manufacturing suite is installed, some do not and are indicated with an asterisk (*).

Batch Processing

BOM Alternates

BOM Archive

BOM History Inquiry

BOM Type Security

Capable To Promise (CTP) Inquiry*

Commodity Surcharge*

Configurator – Require “Included” Options

Configured BOM Auto-Naming

EMOS Query

Item Copy

Item Class Serial/Lot Mask*

Item Valuation Update

Lead Time Inquiry

MO Document Types

MO Split

Outsourcing – Add to PO

Outsourced PO Enhancements

Picking Bin Update

Power ATP*

Pre-Assign Serial Numbers

Proposed Cost Update

Purchase Order Revision Levels*

Quick Disassembly


Reverse Issue Date Override

Sales Forecast Integration

Scrap Reporting

Serial/Lot Auto-Generate*

Serial Number Mass Entry*

Service Equipment Suite


SO-MO Delete

SOP Backorder All*

Time Card

Vendor Pricing*

Where Used Inquiry